NSW - Liquor Act 2007 No 90 - Minors

Minors and liquor supply in NSW

  • Anyone of any age can obtain a RSA Certification.


  • Minors are not permitted to sell, supply or serve liquor in NSW.
  • Refer to - Liquor Act 2007 No. 90 (NSW) Section 119 which states – A licensee must not cause or allow a minor to see, supply or serve liquor on licensed premises except with the approval of the Authority.
  • Maximum penalty : 50 Penalty units.

Please refer to the Liquor Act 2007, and the following sections that specifically relate to minors, and liquor & minors, and licensed premises:

  • S117 – 120 – relate to underage drinking
  • S121 – 127 – relate to minors on licensed premises.