International and Overseas Students Policy

CTA Training Specialists can enrol persons into any nationally recognised/accredited courses to those people from Australia providing they are not an International student or considered to be an “Overseas Student”.

The Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 (ESOS Act) defines an “Overseas Student” as a person who holds a student visa (as defined in regulation 1.03 of the Migration Regulations 1994).

This includes the following Subclasses of visa:

  • a Subclass 500 (Student) visa;
  • a Subclass 571 (Schools Sector) visa;
  • a Subclass 570 (Independent ELICOS Sector) visa;
  • a Subclass 572 (Vocational Education and Training Sector) visa;
  • a Subclass 573 (Higher Education Sector) visa;
  • a Subclass 574 (Postgraduate Research Sector) visa;
  • a Subclass 575 (Non-Award Sector) visa;
  • a Subclass 576 (Foreign Affairs or Defence Sector) visa.

Please note persons who hold a secondary Subclass visa are subject to the same conditions.

“Overseas Students” can only be trained by training organisations who are registered on Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) as specified in the ESOS Act 2000.  You can visit for more information.   

Unfortunately, CTA Training Specialists is not a CRICOS registered training provider.  Before a person who is not an Australian citizen enrols in any accredited CTA Training Specialists course, they will be required to acknowledge, by accepting the Terms & Conditions prior to payment, that they are not an “Overseas Student” or International student. Any persons who are identified as an “Overseas Student” or International student cannot enrol or attain a statement of attainment in any accredited courses with CTA Training Specialists.