Who can sign off the practical?

For the practical, you will need to have someone that can act as your supervisor and sign you off. This person can be a supervisor or colleague from the last 12 months. You can also have someone sign you off as the observer if they have had 12 months experience in the food service industry. You also need to have access to a workplace that serves and stores food.

Unless you already know someone in the industry with a Food Safety supervisor qualification or higher who can act as your supervisor, I would recommend approaching a local RSL or bowls club and ask if you could complete your practical with them. They are usually willing to help out our students, especially if you offer to do some volunteer work with them.


Don’t stress, our food safety courses can be completed by anyone regardless of prior experience.

What about my practical assessment?

We understand it can be difficult when you’re new to the industry to have the practical assessment filled out, so there are a few options:

If you have worked in the food industry before, then you can have a past manager or co-worker complete the assessment. They don’t need to be a chef or a trained food safety supervisor. It can be anyone currently employed in the food industry (with a minimum of 12 months experience).
If you have a friend or family member employed in the food industry, they can also sign off on your practical assessment. Again, it doesn’t need to be a qualified chef or food safety supervisor, It can be anyone currently employed in the food industry (with a minimum of 12 months experience).
You can also speak to your local council and ask for a list of food-based charities that you can volunteer for. Many of these organisations deal with food and any regular volunteer is able to sign off on your practical assessment.
Make sure that the person who is completing your practical assessment, observes you doing everything listed on the report on three separate occasions.