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Why can't I upload my practical assessment?

In able for you to upload your practical assessment, please ensure that you achieved the highest score of 100% in all of your online assessment.

Why can't I access my online tutorial?

In order to access your tutorial, ensure that you have completed all previous learning items (such as providing USI and ID).

How do I get to “my training”?

To start your course - Go to - Enter your username and password - Click "Module" found on the left side of the screen

What if I have problems with reading and writing?

You will need literacy and numeracy skills and a good understanding of the English language. All our courses are conducted in English and being able to read and write in English is a requirement. Please contact CTA Training if you have learning disabilities.

Can I print the course?

The Course Notes can be found under 'Course Notes' and downloaded once you are logged into your training account, however, you will need to complete all assessment questions online, these are not available to be downloaded.

Food Safety Supervisor

I have just received my Food Safety Supervisor certificates, will these certificates be valid in any other state?

Our Food Safety Supervisor certificates are valid in QLD, NT, SA, WA, and VIC.

How long are my Food Safety Supervisor certificates valid for?

Food Safety Supervisor certificates do not have an expiry date, however, it is recommended to renew these certificates every three years. Some local councils require these certificates to be renewed every three years.

How long will my course take to complete?

Please allow approximately nine to ten hours to complete your training course.

I have submitted my practical assessment, how long will it take to be graded?

Practical assessments are graded by our trainers once each business day. You will receive an email to notify you when your practical has been graded.

I have received a grade of 99% on my practical assessment, what should I do?

A grade of less than 100% means you will need to make some changes or additions to your practical before it can be marked as correct. Your feedback will be emailed to you.

I have completed the tutorial, but I can’t access my assessment. What should I do?

Ensure that you have fully completed your tutorial. Your tutorial will notify you when it has been completed to 100%.

If you are still unable to assess your assessment, contact online support via LiveChat, by email at or by phone on (07) 3878 8977.

How long will the course take?

Most accredited courses are broken into sections which usually take between 20-40 minutes each. The total time required will depend on the number of sections in the course. All accredited courses now require some form of practical assessment, you need to allow between 24 and 48 hours for this to be graded during business hours. However, you should take your time to ensure you understand the information fully.

Do I have to do the course in one sitting?

No. You can start and stop whenever you like, and resume later. The system automatically records all your progress and saves it on our servers. When you login next time, you can resume your course from where you left, even from a different device than the one you started with. Try to allow at least 20-40 minutes to complete each section and the assessment, in an environment where you know you won’t be interrupted and can focus on your study. Please be informed that upon enrollment, you hav...

Can I complete the course on my smart phone or tablet device?

Although you will be able to view most of the content online we recommend that a PC/MAC be used to successfully complete these courses. Most CTA Training Specialists online courses are iPad and tablet friendly and will run on all devices.

Is the course only completed online or will I have to complete a practical assessment?

Yes, All of our courses do require you to complete a practical assessment. - The RSA Responsible Service of Alcohol requires you to complete a video assessment demonstrating refusal of service to an unduly intoxicated person - The Food Safety Training courses (Level 1 and Level 2) require you to complete a practical assessment supervised within your workplace - The RSG requires you to complete a Written practical assessment and video assessment Make sure you read the full requiremen...

Assessment Grading

- Please allow up to 24-48 hours for all assessments to be graded. - Feedback regarding outcome will be provided via email - Grading will be conducted twice daily - All assessments will be graded if submitted prior to 4pm weekdays. - All Statement of Attainments will be sent after 4pm daily - NO grading occurs on weekends or public holidays